Oral-suspension Tamiflu on drug-shortage list

The FDA has added one formulation of Tamiflu to its list of drugs in short supply. The listing is for just the 12mg/ml 25-ml oral suspension for children.

The supply of 75-, 45- and 30-mg Tamiflu capsules is unaffected. 

An increase in demand created the supply status, says spokesperson Tara Iannuccillo of brand-holder Genentech. "All inventory [of the oral suspension] has been shipped," she said by telephone.

"We think there's enough in the marketplace, but there may be pockets that run short." If so, both Genentech and the FDA advise that emergency compounding of an oral suspension from Tamiflu 75-mg capsules is an option, as practiced during a shortage in fall 2009.

- here's the listing

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