Novel ops could protect Genzyme workers from layoffs

The specialized nature of Genzyme's drugs that are used to treat rare genetic disorders may be a factor in any post-acquisition layoffs. Manufacturing personnel and management could be partly shielded despite recent high visibility set-backs, the Boston Globe speculates.

Predicting the layoffs that may result from an acquisition that may or may not happen is an uncertain business at best. But Genzyme suitor Sanofi's CFO used the word "synergies" during a recent analyst call. That usually means that executives "see overlaps between two companies that will allow them to eliminate jobs," according to the article. A financial analyst called the CFO's use of the s-word "intriguing."

In addition to the specialized nature of Genzyme's manufacturing, the company's current efforts to repair its manufacturing and quality-control operations will likely yield a valuable asset.  That work is under way, beginning with the hiring of manufacturing leadership earlier this year. Facility, equipment and process rehabs also are under way under the FDA's watchful eye--and with agency-mandated consultants at the helm.

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