Neopharma wants tax breaks for ex-Pfizer plant; Feds add money laundering charge to FedEx;

> Neopharma, which bought a Pfizer ($PFE) plant in Puerto Rico, is seeking tax breaks there through a U.S. program. Announcement

> India has extended until April 2015 its requirement that drugmakers making ointments and eye and ear drops put barcodes on packages. Story

> Medical Supply Liquidators in Clive, IA, continues the recall of 15 kinds of injectable vitamin drug products labeled Sunshine Labs. Notice

> Sabahaddin Akman, owner of Ozay Pharmaceuticals in Istanbul, Turkey, has pleaded guilty in the U.S. to charges of smuggling misbranded and adulterated cancer treatment drugs into the country. Release

And Finally... Federal authorities have added a charge of money laundering to its indictment of FedEx for delivering drugs for online pharmacies selling illegal drugs. Story