NC gets pharma boost; Sustainability on the rise;

> Biogen Idec will build a 180,000-square-foot building in Research Triangle Park, NC. Story

> OTC pain-reliever maker PharmStar will acquire a 24,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Wilson, NC. Item

> Cross-industry research that includes the chemical/pharma sector shows nearly half of survey respondents have a sustainability initiative under way while 92 percent say their companies believe the initiatives can save money. Article

> Sixty-five of 100 surveyed drugmakers use integrated ERP/quality management systems to put a hold on batches, ensuring that process anomalies don't impact the products shipped. Release

> Caliber Biotherapeutics has opened a plant-made pharma manufacturing facility in Bryan, TX, that it claims will produce 10 to 100 million low-cost vaccine doses per month. Story

> Archer Daniels Midland is refining processes to produce bio-based propylene glycol to USP standards. Item

> EMD Serono's Boston-area research center is LEED Gold certified, one of only five labs in Massachusetts awarded the rating. Article

> The FDA and the Brookings Institution are evaluating a single-page standard medication-information document to replace the various materials now given to patients. Story

> In The Price of Global Health: Drug Pricing Strategies to Balance Patient Access and the Funding of Innovation ($135), Ed Schoonveld of consultancy ZS Associates says CEOs must take on the difficult process of adding the payer perspective into development processes. Release