Nano-enabled drug packaging market to reach $8B by 2014

New drug delivery systems and biochemical compounds are driving advances in packaging. In fact, says market researcher iRAP, packaging itself is beginning to play a role in drug delivery.

The consultancy believes that nanotechnology has a role to play. It can be used to enhance the barrier that plastic provides between drug and environment; to incorporate a greater diversity of active components; and to enable sensing and signaling. Such capabilities are well suited to the increased protection likely to be required against moisture, light, oxygen and mechanical forces.

Expect demand to rise the quickest for pre-fillable inhalers and syringes based on performance advantages in drug delivery and the introduction of new bioengineered medicines, iRAP says. It projects a 16.5 percent compound annual growth rate for nano-enabled pharma packaging beginning in 2008, yielding an $8.1 billion market in 2014.

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