MIT offers glimpse of filtering's future; Roxane changes label to prevent morphine overdose;

> An MIT proof-of-concept project has shown that a polycarbonate membrane can be coated with another polymer to yield 10-nanometer pores capable of separating similar-size molecules based on their chemical properties. Article

> The FDA and Roxane Laboratories have made labeling changes to prevent accidental overdosing of patients using high-potency morphine sulfate oral solutions. News

> Contract manufacturer DSM Pharmaceutical Products will use Codexis's custom biocatalysts and services to produce the enzymes used in DSM's InnoSyn route scouting services. DSM release

> Ireland's National Cold Chain Service is stepping up deliveries of seasonal flu vaccines to doctors to ensure continuity of supply; 650,000 doses were distributed in September, 30,000 doses are in stock and 100,000 are on order. Story

> Tennessee has apparently received a shipment of the death penalty anesthetic sodium thiopental from a British drugmaker. Story

> Lupin will manufacture Farmanguinhos's four-drug tuberculosis treatment and help the company set up a local manufacturing plant in Brazil. Article

> Sun Capital Partners plans to acquire NextPharma Technologies. Item

> Adimmune says it will invest $51 million to set up Asia's largest production facility for biological agents. Article

> BioDelivery Sciences has named Steven Dykstra senior VP for manufacturing operations. BioDelivery release