Millipore: single-use plus lean cuts time and materials

Single-use filtration assemblies can reduce bioprocessing time by as much as 50%, and systems-level set-ups can deliver a 20% reduction in materials usage. Those are the claims of Vikas Gupta, a group product manager at EMD Millipore.

He writes in PharmPro that the time savings come from a reduction in filtration preparation and set-up time using single-use parts versus stainless steel systems. The reduction in materials usage is the result of optimizing resources and minimizing the number of parts that need to be maintained.

While advocating for Millipore's Mobius single-use products--and advocating that users always employ components from the same vendor to create consistency across processes--Gupta details how single-use technology can be combined with lean manufacturing strategies for process improvement.

"A universal bag design and scalable sterile filtration assemblies facilitate technology transfer between early development, late development and commercial manufacturing," he writes, with each stage accompanied by transfers across multiple sites and at different scales. "Disconnection technology reduces the time required to less than a minute as compared to five to ten minutes."

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