Merck, Roche add voice to pick operations

Voice-enabled technology is boosting operations efficiency for two drugmakers' pick operations.

In Merck's case, eight operators at a warehouse in Portugal are using Zetes's 3i voice system integrated with the drugmaker's SAP warehouse management module, reports They use the system for goods receiving, put-away, replenishment and stock picking.

The need for the system arose when constant use of a barcode reader slowed picking. The operation runs some 9,000 warehousing transactions on a total of 30,000 lines each month. The company says it has benefited from optimized workflow, reduced error rates and improved planning.

Meanwhile, Roche has implemented the Datria Voice system in an Indianapolis facility. The company reports increased pick rates at the same accuracy level after voice-enabling handheld devices for container and cart picking of diabetes care products in different warehouse zones.

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