Look for more Fierce effort in 2013

The holidays are upon us and we realize many of our readers will be taking a break. We intend to join you. After today's issue, the next issue of FiercePharmaManufacturing will be Jan. 3, after the holidays, but watch the website. We will continue to monitor the industry for those kinds of big events that sometimes pop up during the year-end lull.

We have worked particularly hard at FiercePharmaManufacturing this year to bring a sense of urgency to pharma manufacturing news. I believe those in the manufacturing side of the industry need to know who among their competitors is winning, who is losing and why. We do the research you don't have time to do. We cover the essential news, give it to you in a digestible, interesting way, and then wrap the entire package in the kind of context that allows you to make some use of it.

That approach is intended to provide readers with insight into new opportunities and pitfalls. We have followed the issues, like shortages and counterfeits, serious problems that have the potential to result in new regulations. We have informed you of plant openings and production interruptions. We have followed the legislation that can help, or hinder, the industry.

Our reward for this work has been a new year-end record of more than 30,500 subscribers. We appreciate that so many of you in the industry find the publication essential reading. We intend to reward you in return with even more and better coverage.

Of course, 2013 promises to be even more challenging. Look for more plant closures as companies respond to FDA observations, and more new projects as companies look to put production in emerging markets or to meet growing demand for their innovative drugs. Shortages will continue. Counterfeits and responses like new track and trace legislation are likely to emerge. We will resume our regular twice-weekly schedule when we return. -- Eric Palmer (email | Twitter)