Lilly answers pollution charge with $338k; Obama: FDA needs update;

> Eli Lilly has settled with the federal government over charges of air pollution from an Indiana manufacturing plant, agreeing to pay a $337,500 penalty but admitting to none of the charges. Story

> President Obama has identified the FDA as an agency that ought to be modernized. Article

> The World Health Organization is rolling up its sleeves on the topic of counterfeit drugs, but some members see a red herring in intellectual property rights issues. News

> UK regulatory changes illustrate the legislative perspective on drugs and drugmakers: approved medicines are less commercial assets owned by the brand holders and more public health tools to be co-managed by the companies and regulators. Item

> Contract researcher Quintiles now has a $30 million stake in Samsung's move into the biosimilars business through its funding contribution to the construction of a $266 million factory. Article

> DHL Global Forwarding Life Sciences is upgrading the capabilities of its competence centers via training and accreditation as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider of temperature-controlled unit-load devices for pharma transport. Report

> The FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are using predictive risk-based evaluation to screen for adulterated erectile dysfunction and other unauthorized supplements at U.S. borders. Story

> Oracle now supplies an integration tool that lets users combine the software giant's Pedigree and Serialization Manager with software for inventory, manufacturing and order management. Announcement

> Codexis has promoted David Anton to chief technology officer and senior VP, process development and manufacturing. Codexis release