Leading Biopharma Research and Training Facility Names New CEO

Leading Biopharma Research and Training Facility Names New CEO
Dublin-based NIBRT celebrates two-year anniversary

Ireland's National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) has named Reg Shaw, formerly managing director for Wyeth in Ireland and director for SmithKline's worldwide operations, as chief executive and Board member.

Shaw once set up the largest biotech facility in the world. Now, as head of Dublin-based NIBRT, he leads a biopharma research and training center helping the biggest names in the industry address its key challenges, such as product characterization, platforms for manufacturing of novel therapeutics and manufacturing competitiveness.

NIBRT is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and already in its short history has won many awards and had impact in its two main elements —training and research:

  • A highly developed training program developed with U.S.-based Waters Corp. that teaches 'fit-for-purpose' biopharmaceutical analysis, including protein and peptide characterization.

o   The Complete Product and Processing Characterization Facility's (CPPCF) goal is to provide comprehensive training of industry and governmental technicians and scientists to help the burgeoning industry develop advanced biotherapeutic characterization.

o   The center also teaches scientists about existing and upcoming U.S. and European drug regulations.

o   More than 1,000 scientists have been trained in this program, which also has a distance learning component.

  • An advanced research center led by Dr. Pauline Rudd, NIBRT's principal investigator, who is using mass spectrometry to take challenging glycan characterization to the next level. By improving understanding of glycan chemical and molecular structure, scientists can better understand safety and efficacy profiles for a potential molecule, leading directly to novel biotherapeutic options.

Biopharmaceuticals are increasingly important to patients and drug manufacturers. By 2014, it is expected that 50% of the top 100 prescribed medications will be biopharmaceuticals, including four of the top five selling drugs.

Ireland is the largest net exporter of medicines in the world. The country is the No. 1 location for life sciences investment.

NIBRT has won several prestigious awards, too, including the 2012 SPE/Interphex Facility of the Year, the pharmaceutical industry's premier award celebrating innovation and accomplishments in facility design, construction and operation.