Janssen, FDA work on Doxil supply; DSM seeks contracts beyond Big Pharma;

> Janssen, maker of chemotherapy drug Doxil, says it's "working closely" with the FDA on a plan to get the drug to doctors as soon it becomes available, which it expects to be in late August. Story

> DSM seeks a CMO partner to help it target work in addition to what it receives from Big Pharma. Report

> Vaccine maker MedImmune has opened a second manufacturing plant in Frederick, MD, to expand production capacity. Item

> Abbott Labs will enjoy "significant savings on imports of products from offshore," after its Temecula, CA, plant was admitted to a foreign trade zone. Article

> More demand-driven supply chains can help Big Pharma make the leap from traditional make-to-stock production to more efficient make-to-demand. News

> An unnamed Belgian drugmaker is using RFID and bar code technology to track more than 70,000 bags of products annually as they undergo testing. Story

> Asian distributor Zuellig Pharma has teamed with business-process specialist ADEC Solutions to create a pharma/healthcare knowledge- and business-process outsourcing service provider. ADEC/Zuellig release

> Early results from the first few years of FDA dietary-supplement manufacturing inspections show some common GMP violations. Story

> CMO SynCo Bio Partners has expanded its aseptic filling facility, equipped to fill and lyophilize biopharmaceuticals, including monoclonal antibodies, nucleic acids, proteins, polysaccharides, aluminum-containing vaccines, RNA and live biotherapeutics for clinical and market supply. Item

> AccuDial liquid OTC medications have a two-part label that allows parents to administer milliliter-precision doses based on a child's weight, rather than the more common dosing based on age. Story