Iran to export MS drug; "Repeat CAPA" nonsense;

> Iran plans to start exports of its first drug introduced internationally, a multiple sclerosis treatment. Article

> "Isn't 'repeat CAPA' an oxymoron?" Column

> "Affiliate programs" in the computer underground recruit young hackers into schemes that promote dubious Internet pharmacies. Report

> China's State Food and Drug Administration is expected to enact GMP regulations next year that require manufacturing equipment upgrades. Interview

> A secondary pharma company in the southeast U.S. seeks a manufacturing manager for a facility expansion. Listing

> Sigma-Aldrich chairman, president and CEO Jai Nagarkatti died unexpectedly last weekend in St. Louis. Sigma-Aldrich release

> Dalton Pharma Services and Lonza have teamed to offer integrated API chemistry services. Dalton release

> Agilent has unveiled the 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus for manual and automated determination of the rate at which pure APIs dissolve. Agilent release

> The BioLaz Real-Time Microbial Monitor for detecting airborne biological organisms is available from Particle Measuring Systems. Particle Measuring Systems release

> Winner of the Global Security Challenge start-up award is Ghanaian nonprofit counterfeits-fighter mPedigree. Article 

> Smithers Pharma Services has debuted, combining Synomics Pharma Services and SP Formulations. Item

> An unnamed big biotech has adopted the physical records management application, Infolinx WEB. Infolinx release

> The U.S. Patent and Trademark's Board of Patent Appeals has ruled in favor of Portuguese API manufacturer Hovione, validating its patent for making two key intermediates of its corticosteroid used in asthma drugs. Item

> MonoSol Rx has received a U.S. patent for its film products and their manufacturing process. MonoSol release

> Canada's Alternatives Technologie Pharma will distribute PakSense's temperature indicators, temperature monitoring labels, and readers for the monitoring of blood, blood products, and vaccines. Announcement

> To ease its dependence on wooden pallets, supply chain management company Brambles has made a $1.3 billion bid for European plastic pallets operator IFCO. Story

> Contractor Pharmaceutics International has received the FDA's OK for manufacturing aseptic vials at its Hunt Valley, MD, facility. Item