Intelleflex RFID platform, RadioPharm pilot show track/trace progress

The parade of radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions for drug tracking and tracing continues with a battery-assisted passive platform that supports EPCglobal and ISO specs. And the pilot parade advances with a package-level effort in Germany.

Intelleflex has unveiled XC3 technology, comprising RFID chips, tags, reader modules, fixed readers and mobile hand held readers. Capabilities include a read/write operating range to 100 meters, multi-layer password protection and over-the-air data encryption, and sensor support. The components comply with the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 standard and the newly approved ISO 18000-6C Class 3 standard, the company says.

The announcement follows by less than two weeks that of the Cognex In-Sight Track & Trace system.

In Germany, the RadioPharm tracking and verification pilot is testing item-level RFID combined with case- and pallet-level tagging as an alternative to 2D data matrix coding. Tests were conducted to monitor read and write processes for a range of pharmaceutical products, including liquids, tablets and ointments, and the group is now working with pharmaceutical manufactures to determine the possibility of tracking products from manufacture to wholesaler, up to the pharmacy, and on to the customer.

Less than a month ago, we reported on pilot runs of an electronic drug tracking and authentication program by the U.K.'s SecureTrace.

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