Indian packager Bilcare looks west for expansion

Bilcare of India, a packaging supplier for solid dosage forms, is planning its future growth in drug packaging in the U.S. and European markets. "To break into that market, we required a major asset there," says chairman Mohan Bhandari, explaining the company's purchase of the polymers films unit of U.K. chemical giant Ineos.

Bhandari explains in the Business Standard the difficulty for drugmakers and chemical companies to develop products that can keep packaged drugs secure and intact for the several years they may spend in the drug supply chain. And contrary to current fashion, he plans no cost-saving relocation of Ineos manufacturing assets to India. "These are high-tech solutions, mainly software," he says. "Our mission is to ensure supply of safe and quality medicines to people globally."

Ineos has 1,000 clients and 1,300 employees at manufacturing sites in Germany, Italy, the U.S. and India. Bilcare maintains a presence in India, Singapore, the U.S. and U.K.

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