India sets tone for drug production in Nigeria

As Nigeria cozies up to India as its go-to source for generics, it also wants the established manufacturers to locate plants in Africa's most populous country. The drugmakers recognize their enviable situation and aim to capitalize on it. Among their requests so far: elimination of plant inspections by Nigerian regulators.

Pharmexcil, India's export promotions council, has asked Nigerian officials to abolish National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control inspections of Indian pharma facilities. Instead, it wants Nigeria to accept the WHO GMP certificate issued by Indian regulatory authorities.

In addition, Nigeria currently follows British Pharmacopoeia standards. "India's Pharmacopoeia is as good and valid as BP," says Pharmexcil, in Nigerian Compass. And, since "power is a big problem" in Nigeria, India wants it for free. Tax holidays also made the list.

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