India arrests two in week of counterfeit drug raids

Perhaps the FDA was watching last week as India's Central Bureau of Investigation arrested the heads of two drug companies for allegedly manufacturing adulterated medicines. Gurbachan Singh of J P Herbal Pharmacy and Navin Gadekar of Nalini Ayurvedic Co. have been taken into custody.

Bureau director Ashwani Kumar said the raids were conducted to check the supply and manufacturing of counterfeits, the sale of expired medicines and the movement of counterfeits through the Indian supply chain. CBI agents raided facilities from May 12 to 19, 2010, in New Delhi, Nagpur and Chennai. The agents also made 62 surprise visits to facilities. Six cases are moving forward.

Those are different matters than manufacturing violations, of course. But the FDA is currently reviewing draft guidelines to aid in selecting the cases for which it will pursue misdemeanor prosecutions of corporate officers for lingering GMP beaches.

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