Icahn on Genzyme manufacturing; Rid Pharma preps for trial in Bangladesh;

> Carl Icahn tells Forbes about the thinking leading up to his pre-Sanofi-acquisition play for Genzyme: "How broken is manufacturing? Could the FDA be so angry it would handicap Genzyme for years to come?" Article

> A drug court has outlined charges against five owners and officers of Rid Pharmaceuticals, accused of manufacturing adulterated paracetamol syrup linked to the deaths of 28 children in 2009. Story 

> Although pharmaceutical products are a "good little business," British chemical maker Yule Catto is open to selling its drug ingredient division. Article

> A wealthy Russian businessman and the Belarusian Belbiopharm group may join forces for the construction of an import-curbing pharma plant in Belarus. Story

> GSK has invested $4 million in a new plant in Sri Lanka to produce the OTC painkiller Panadol. Story

> While attempting to repair electrical service following a snow-induced roof collapse at First Boston Pharma, workers knocked a ladder into an electrical cabinet, sparking an explosion that started a fire. Story