HealthSport buys SMI assets

Dissolvable thin-film product formulator HealthSport is branching into the natural products market. It's acquiring certain operating assets of SMI Manufacturing, including the lease of the 50,000-square-foot production plant, inventory and equipment.

The deal lets HealthSport answer customer requests for vitamin, mineral and supplement product production, including products certified organic. Existing customers buy the company's dissolvable bi-layer oral thin film technology used for delivering active pharmaceutical ingredients through buccal absorption.

The Tempe, AZ-based production plant is equipped for formulation, design, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of organic and health-related nutraceuticals.  

Separately, MonoSol Rx has been granted a U.S. patent for methods of pharmaceutical film preparation along with the incorporation of specific drugs and polymer components. The patent covers opiate and opiate derivatives, anti-emetics, analgesics and anti-diabetics.

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