Hard lesson of price decline; The Why Concept promotes pharma freedom;

> Drug making "is the only industry in the world that has never had to go down the experience curve in cost," says Tim van Biesen of Bain & Co, pointing out that prices for electronics always drop as new technology comes on the market. Story

The Why Concept is a book--and workbook--intended for prescription drug-takers wary of the "dangerous side effects of antidepressants and mood stabilizers," who no longer want to rely on the pills. Release

> A search tool from Google shows that the moniker "Big Pharma" came into widespread use about 1994, reports Jim Edwards, long after the derogatory "Big" had been attached to Tobacco, Oil and Food. Story

> Xcelience Formulation Development is working with Critical Outcome Technologies on the oral formulation of COTI-2, an oncology drug candidate. COTI release 

> Packaging designed to be easily opened and provide clear, reassuring instructions and a warm, caring experience may be at pharma's doorstep. Story

> DHL has been tracking drug shipments containing RFID sensors that alert the company when temperature-sensitive drugs are exposed to unacceptable levels of heat or cold. News

> Results of a Canadian survey suggest that, while there's been a lot of talk, there has been little action to control rising drug costs, despite available means. Item