Gunmen enjoy walk-in warehouse theft, quick arrest

Weapons and violence again characterize a drug theft, this time from a warehouse in Tennessee. A hidden tracking device, however, has led to two arrests and the recovery of the stolen vans and their cargo worth $200,000.

Rolled-up dock doors provided walk-in access for the three robbers, who threatened eight employees, stole their possessions and made them strip before locking them up, reports SecuringPharma. Each thief drove off in a delivery van loaded with prescription drugs.

Covert tracking devices led authorities to a home in Memphis, where they recovered the cargo and made the arrests. One suspect remains at large.

Memphis was also the site of a minor cargo theft in June, which officials speculated was a "probe" heist to determine the type of shipments in the area, as reported.

And in October, in a departure from the normally nonviolent MO of drug cargo thieves, two armed men made off with a truckload of drugs and the kidnapped driver. They quickly set the driver free.

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