GSK sees resistance to wind turbine project

A green-minded GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) is encountering some residential resistance to its goal of making its Montrose facility on Scotland's east coast carbon-neutral. A group called Ferryden opposes the plan, it says, because the two envisioned wind turbines would spoil the skyline and sit too close to residential areas.

GSK's plan, in line with its corporate sustainability initiatives, involves two 400-foot wind turbines at a cost of $13 million. The company says the turbines would power the plant and have energy to spare for the national grid.

"We, the undersigned, appose [sic] the installation of these turbines at GSK Montrose as it will spoil the skyline, is too close to residential areas and will affect local wildlife," the petition states simply. The 80 signatures collected online as of August 26 include 7 from the U.S., one from Canada and one from Australia in addition to those from the U.K. The web pages hosting the petition signing form contain just two ads each--both promoting solar energy.

The drug giant recently began testing wireless water monitoring at an API facility in Cork, Ireland, to study water usage and improve conservation.

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