Group warns EU over U.S. API shortage; SCM puts $10M in new facility; Advance recalls low-dose aspirin;

> A trade group in Europe has warned regulators there that drugmakers will face API shortages if the European Commission does not grant the U.S. an exemption from the July 2 requirements that all APIs be certified. Story

> SCM Pharma has invested $10 million in a new facility in the UK that is targeted toward helping clients move products to commercial production and also is designed with orphan drugs in mind. Report

> Advance Pharmaceutical is conducting a voluntary nationwide recall of the over-the-counter drug product, Rugby label Enteric Coated Aspirin Tablets, 81 mg, after receiving a complaint that one of the bottles contained Acetaminophen 500 mg tablets. Alert

> A $3.5 million bond was set for a man accused of obtaining and selling $26 million worth of gray market drugs illegally. Story

And Finally... A union in Thailand will be allowed to help with the probe of the drug regulator that after long delays in getting a government-financed drug manufacturing plant open. Story