Google pays U.S. $500M over Canadian pharmacy ads; Warning cites lack of QC authority;

> By agreeing to pay the U.S. government $500 million for allowing Canadian pharmacies to advertise drugs to U.S. consumers, Google will avoid criminal prosecution. Story

> "We are particularly concerned with [Jelfa Pharmaceutical Company's] failure to implement a robust Quality System. Repeat citations indicate that your quality control unit is not exercising its responsibilities, and may not have the appropriate authority...We recommend you engage a third party consultant having appropriate CGMP expertise." Warning Letter 320-11-016

> "I believe regulation and compliance are threatening our ability to take care of our patients in a compassionate, appropriate fashion." Lecture

> Mobile broadband capabilities were key in China-based Mamtek International's decision to build pharma and food manufacturing plants near Moberly, MO; "they wouldn't locate here without broadband." Story

> API maker Onyx Scientific has won a contract to develop the chemistry and perform the GMP synthesis of the API being used in a Phase I trial. Item

> Wholesale distributor Masters Pharmaceutical now boasts DEA registration for its new distribution center, which is approved for CII-CV controlled substances and temperature controlled products to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Item

> DHL's Chicago, San Juan and Toronto air cargo stations have been accredited as Qualified Envirotainer Providers. Story

> BellHawk has released quality assurance (QA) software for web-mobile tracking and traceability of materials and work-in-process. BellHawk release