Ghana pharma ramps up with generics facility investor

Investment concern Emerging World Pharma reports progress in the development of a drug manufacturing facility in Ghana. The plant will be used by African Global Pharma to produce generic drugs.

Three shipping containers of production equipment and supplies are en route to port in Ghana, Emerging World Pharma President Brandon Keks says in an announcement. Raw materials are being shipped by air. "We are on schedule to begin test runs for the production of several generic pharmaceuticals by the end of May," Keks adds.

Plans call for production of 13 generics initially, to be followed by 18 more as capacity expands. Employment agreements for production and administrative staff are in process, says Keks. "We have an experienced and excited team ready to go to work."

Emerging World Pharma invests in generic drugmakers that have contracts with three buyer groups: Church, government and wholesalers.

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