Getting better all the time for drug, medical device safety in China?

Over the weekend, China's leadership took the time to focus again on ensuring the quality of consumer goods with an underlying message for the medical device and drug industries highlighted by recent probes of top officials.

Last week China announced that it is investigating Tong Min, who's in charge of medical device supervision at the China Food and Drug Administration. The news comes on the heels of the arrest of the former head of China's Bureau of Medical Administration, Yu Wang.

Public calls for better food, drug and equipment safety standards are the focus of top leadership in China with a recent slew of reform measures on inspections, but many consumers still prefer imported drugs and OTC products over domestic ones.

China President Xi Jinping

"China's public safety conditions are largely good, but we must be alert to latent problems," said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

On Saturday, senior officials took the time to highlight recently improved policies regarding the import and export of consumer goods, asking Vice-Minister of Finance Shi Yaobin, Vice-Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen, and Lu Peijun, vice-minister of the General Administration of China Customs, to brief the media.

Xi said China would adopt the strictest safety standards in food and drug production and punish violators severely.

In May, China inaugurated a 10-year plan for increased manufacturing, including biomedicine and high-end medical devices. The State Council calls it "Made in China 2025."

- here are stories from Xinhua and Reuters
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