Genzyme supplies rise, but Fabrazyme lags

Within Sanofi's ($SNY) financial news of last week--7% sales growth--are some stellar Genzyme stats resulting from the greater availability of some of its products. With supplies improving as Genzyme works its way through a manufacturing consent decree with the FDA, the unit saw a 58% increase in Cerezyme sales and a 42% rise in Myozyme.

Fabrazyme, its treatment for the enzyme disorder Fabry disease, continues to slug its way through remediation, up just 3.5% from the second quarter of 2010. Sanofi says the modest increase reflects continued supply constraints.

Genzyme will remain unable to boost Fabrazyme production until its new facility in Framingham, MA comes online. The company expects that the first quarter of 2012 is the soonest that could happen, reports MedPage Today, indicating a slippage from the late 2011 timeframe it projected at the beginning of the year.

The drug is currently produced in limited quantities at other Genzyme facilities.

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