Former Wyeth, SmithKline director to take over at NIBRT; Indian Medical Association withdraws Ranbaxy caution letter;

> Reg Shaw, formerly the managing director for Wyeth in Ireland and director for SmithKline Beecham's worldwide operations, has been named chief executive and board member at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin. Announcement

> The Indian Medical Association's Tamil Nadu State branch has officially withdrawn a letter of caution it sent to its members warning them against prescribing drugs manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories after reports from bodies including the World Health Organization and India's Supreme Court and Drug Controller General verified their safety. Story

> War in Syria has decimated its pharmaceutical industry, with at least 25 plants completely destroyed by fighting or taken over by militias. Most other facilities have been forced to suspend production--which has dropped 75% since 2010--due to high costs, lack of access to raw materials and logistical difficulties. Story

> UPS has launched its UPS Proactive Response Secure, a shipment-monitoring and risk-management service that guarantees up to retail value when unexpected events hinder time- and temperature-sensitive shipments. Release

And Finally... India, once a manufacturing pioneer for low-cost anti-snake venom, is now suffering from a shortage in its rural hospitals due to the closing of some public-sector manufacturing facilities. Story