Fleming preps iodide treatment for radiation emergencies; Elba tracks bio-based pallets;

> Fleming Pharmaceuticals has ramped up production of ThyroShield, a liquid potassium iodide product for use in radiation emergencies. Story

> Elba Laboratories will use a bio-based trackable pallet and software from Axios Mobile Assets. News

> Report: Developments in the global pharma industry provide an "unprecedented opportunity for Least Developed Countries to attract investment." Story

> The FDA and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are jointly investigating the import of counterfeit drugs from China to the Northern Mariana Islands. News

> DSC Logistics has formed a Health Care Strategy Board to support its supply chain activities with pharma and medical device companies. Release

> Perrigo will change the dosing device for pediatric suspensions this summer from a dropper to a syringe system that helps consumers dispense correct amounts of medicine. Report

> FedEx Express is boosting its EMEA offerings with temperature-sensitive solutions for healthcare supply chains that extend globally and include outsourcing. Article

> Scientific instrument maker PerkinElmer says business from pharma and biotechnology customers is "improving somewhat...It's clearly not returning to robust growth, but there has been some stabilization in pharma capex spending." News

> In South Korea, there's a new-found nationalism around good-quality vaccine-manufacturing facilities. Story