FDA wants oversight of large compounders; Stada becomes buyout target;

> The FDA is inviting states to share responsibility over compounding pharmacies with the agency, which says it should be overseeing the largest operators. Story

> A study funded in part by a drug delivery devicemaker suggests that preventable medication errors from injected drugs add up to $5 billion to the cost of U.S. healthcare. Item

> Medical supply company Arseus has more acquisitions lined up for next year. Story

> Merck ($MRK) has again failed to stop generic copies of its Nasonex allergy nasal spray from entering the U.S. market. Story

And Finally... Actavis CEO Claudio Albrecht, who will be leaving the company, is lining up investors to make a run at German generics maker Stada, which has been looking to bulk up to better compete. Story