FDA's modern stocks; Canada reconsiders China;

> "If complete response letters were released publicly, would you wait to submit your application when you were more ready so you would get a first-cycle approval?" asks an FDA official who also noted that 70 percent of drug applications submitted to the regulator are incomplete. Article

> Canada may have made a tactical mistake by viewing the expansion of China's pharmaceutical industry as a threat to its own. Article

> The European Medicines Agency is publishing weekly pandemic pharmacovigilance updates detailing adverse reactions reported after the use of authorized pandemic flu vaccines and antivirals. Article

> Oracle says it will purchase Relsys International, a maker of drug safety and risk management software. Report

> Waters Corp. and NC BioNetwork Pharmaceutical Center have teamed at the latter's analytical training lab to educate students and workers in the life sciences. Announcement

> The WCA Family of Logistic Networks has launched a specialty forwarding alliance for pharmaceuticals. Item

> Genzyme's genetic testing lab in Phoenix has earned the CAP 15189SM accreditation to the ISO 15189:2007 standard for laboratories from the College of American Pathologists. Announcement