FDA's Autor seeks product recall authority from Congress; API-inactivation may solve drug disposal problem;

> In Senate testimony yesterday, FDA deputy commissioner Deborah Autor asked that the agency be given power to order drugmakers to recall risky medicines and institute an end-to-end track/trace system. Story

> Verde Environmental Technologies has signed a deal with Teikoku Pharma through which Verde will use Teikoku technology to develop drug products that adsorb and inactivate APIs in pills, tablets, capsules and topical patches in an environmentally responsible manner for pharmaceutical disposal. Release

> Collaborating Minnesota amino-acid product producers CHK Nutrition and NeuroResearch Clinics have signed a consent decree with the FDA, prohibiting them from distributing products until they remove drug claims about their products from their websites. Release

> Jubilant Life Sciences has signed a $70 million contract manufacturing agreement with an unnamed U.S. pharma company to produce an OTC product for women's health. Item

> Contract service provider Avrio is approaching the validation phase for new gear--a Hull freeze-drying system and M&O Perry dual-tooled liquid filling, stoppering, and Alu-Crimp capping machine--that will augment its currently running lyophilizer and Bosch automated filling/stoppering/capping systems. Avrio release

> Merck ($MRK) life sciences unit EMD Millipore has unveiled a microbiological analysis vacuum pump that provides direct transfer of liquids while eliminating the need for repeat handling of liquid waste containers. Release

> Specialty chemicals maker Albemarle ($ALB) will increase global prices for generic active pharmaceutical ingredients by 8% to 12% beginning Oct. 15. Release

> In India, resumption of production in the three previously-idled public sector vaccine-manufacturing units has helped stabilize vaccine pricing; now the focus is on the rise of deaths due to adverse effects following immunization. Story