FDA opens kimono on agency performance

The FDA is furthering its journey toward transparency with the launch of FDA-TRACK, a multi-level performance management system. "TRACK" stands for transparency, results, accountability, credibility and knowledge-sharing.

The idea is to encourage agency accountability by measuring how well managers and employees meet their goals. In addition, the system provides a way for the public to monitor agency activities.

FDA-TRACK analyzes performance at four levels: Agency, center, program and project. At the center level, for example, it measures the regulator's attempts to offer guidance by tracking the number of technical publications drafted. A program-level example involves monitoring the percentage of 510(k) decisions that meet the 90-day Medical Device User Fee Act goal. And project-level performance is tracked via achievement of stated milestones.

Performance measurement stats are reported monthly; the monthly stats are analyzed quarterly and presented to leadership. The FDA-TRACK Internet site provides public access to program- and project-level activities.

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