Ex-Genzyme ops chief joins board at bio start-up

Manufacturing ops veteran Scott Canute has joined the board at biotech start-up Oncobiologics. Canute, recently president for global manufacturing and corporate ops at Genzyme, was brought in to remediate operations at the biotech's Boston-area plant.

Canute is also former president for global manufacturing ops at Eli Lilly ($LLY), according to an announcement. He brings 30 years of biopharma production expertise to the startup, which is holding a grand opening event at its Cranbury, NJ headquarters this Friday, October 14, 2011.

In early 2010, Canute joined Genzyme as part of a high-level operations restructuring at the facility where a virus contaminated a bioreactor, leading to a plant shutdown for decontamination.  Canute was teamed with Ron Branning, former head of quality and compliance at Gilead Sciences ($GILD), Sandra Poole as senior VP and site leader, and consultancy Quantic Group for manufacturing operations. Remediation work is still underway.

Canute left Genzyme in July, says Boston.com, after it became a unit of Sanofi ($SNY) and the French drug giant transferred oversight of all Genzyme manufacturing ops to Bill Aitchison, former manufacturing head at Sanofi Pasteur vaccines.

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