ERP system eases access to favorites

Fewer user clicks was the objective behind the Deacom ERP Software System version 12.1 update that was released last week. The enterprise software now boasts menu sections for frequently accessed forms and reports.

Among the menu sections: Favorites, into which users can drag and drop such frequently used function-specific items as the purchase order screen or an instant material requirements screen. Another menu section is Deacom Launcher, which holds access to all of the software's cross-enterprise functionality (inventory control, purchasing, etc.). The Dashboards menu section holds any dashboard reports, and an RSS feed keeps users notified of software releases and training opportunities.

One adopter of the Deacom ERP system is Supplemental Manufacturing and Ingredients, which last fall transitioned from a manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements to maker of thin-strip dissolvable pharmaceuticals. Accompanying the transition is the opening of a new cGMP-certified facility, and the ERP installation, which replaces separate manual processes for various corporate functions (e.g., Excel and Word for generating regulatory documents and QuickBooks for tracking formulations).

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