EC detains 11.5M life sciences products for IP violations; Sanofi is working on fixes to French vax plant;

> The European Commission Customs Union seized 11.5 million medicines and medical products for suspected violations of intellectual property in 2009. Article

> Sanofi Pasteur CEO Wayne Pisano has responded to a July letter from the FDA by saying the vaccine maker has already addressed, or is currently addressing, microbial contamination and other manufacturing shortcomings at a plant in France. Article

> Specialty pharma Global Health Ventures has signed an agreement with Canadian CMO Carter Pharmaceutical to manufacture 10,000 pills of the sublingual formulation for anti-anxiety drug Relax-B for testing. Release

> Green Planet Bioengineering has received a patent for the "sync effective" extraction process it uses in making Salvia Miltiorrhiza for use in health supplements and prescription drugs. Release

> Romanian pharma distributor Relad has begun dynamic routing after adopting ORTEC's Transport and Distribution solution. Release