Dr. Harry Meng Appointed as New Calvert Labs Senior Director of Safety Pharmacology

Dr. Harry Meng Appointed as New Calvert Labs Senior Director of Safety Pharmacology

Scranton, PA (August 15, 2012) - Calvert Labs announced today the appointment of Dr. Harry Meng as its new Senior Director of Safety Pharmacology. Dr. Meng earned his Master of Science degree in Pharmacology and Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Physiology from the University of Manitoba. He completed his Post-doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Cardiology at the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Meng specializes in in vivo cardiovascular pharmacology studies and brings more than 15 years of US pharmaceutical experience in pharmacology to Calvert. Before joining Calvert, he was Senior Manager of the Cardiovascular Safety Pharmacology Laboratory and ECG Toxicology Operations at Sanofi. He is widely published and often cited for his research and work in pharmacology and safety pharmacology. He is also an expert user of the latest technologies and software. This rare combination of research and technical expertise will keep Calvert, the services it offers, and its clients on the cutting edge of pharmacology.

Dr. Meng looks forward to continuing the core mission of quality work and client satisfaction for which Calvert is known. "I'm very happy to join Calvert Labs and look forward to leading its highly capable team," Meng said. "My job is to rapidly expand our client base while maintaining the quality of our services. We're putting a lot of effort into adjusting our strategy to fit the ever-changing market, so I'm confident that not only will we maintain Calvert's high service quality, but we will raise it to a new level."

Calvert's President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bart Spainhour, expressed how delighted he is to have Dr. Meng on board. "He is an incredibly meticulous scientist with a strong record of contributions and performance," he said. "Dr. Meng's knowledge, coupled with his enthusiasm, positive 'can-do' attitude, willingness to mentor and help clients, and attention to detail all fit into Calvert's service profile."

Calvert's pharmacology group has enjoyed a worldwide reputation as a leader in contract pharmacology services since 1969. Its pharmacologists are experts in customizing lead identification and optimization strategies and in transferring and validating sponsor-derived methodologies on site. Drawing on decades of experience, its senior scientists are known for regularly sharing advice and guidance regarding the design, execution, and interpretation of pharmacology and safety pharmacology studies.