Distributors to benefit from patent expirations; Roche halts some Greek deliveries;

> The patent-expiration wave is likely to be caught by pharma distributors McKesson Corp. ($MCK), Cardinal Health ($CAH) and others. Story

> Roche Holding has halted prescription drug deliveries to some nationally funded hospitals in Greece that haven't paid their bills in three or four years. News

> Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company, has recalled 8 types of birth control medication after a manufacturing mistake put the pills in the wrong order. Report

> DHL Global Forwarding has acquired 100% percent ownership of LifeConEx, a provider of life sciences cold chain logistics. Item

> Lonza Group plans a secondary listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Piece

> The U.K./Russian collaboration Pro Bono Bio will initially contract with Russian firms for the manufacturing of its nanoscale phospholipid vesicles, but it eventually intends to build its own facility near Moscow. News

> The National Institutes of Health will collaborate with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the FDA to develop a chip to screen for safe and effective drugs quicker than current methods. NIH release

> Sinopharm Group's distribution center in Hunan, China, has upgraded its supply chain platform using Manhattan Associates' warehouse management solution. Release