DHL bolsters cold chain with Sentry sensor device

DHL has progressed beyond the pilot phase to a functional implementation of its cold chain track/trace system. Adam Crossno, CEO at OnAsset, says in SearchDataManagement that the solutions provider worked with DHL on the system, which uses the Sentry sensor device.

Sentry travels inside packages as they make their way across the supply chain, transmitting location data to create a chain of custody record. Sensors track temperature, humidity, light and sudden movement. Out-of-range readings trigger an alert to the sender, who may then decide to contact the next stop in the supply chain or send a new shipment.

Clinical trial supply distribution is another area that may benefit from a proactive track and trace system, according to the article. Environmental monitoring becomes critical in developing countries, which continue to host increasing numbers of trials.

The system can generate heat maps that show senders the environmental conditions at their product's location within a shipping container. It can also blend in crime feeds that highlight locations known for cargo theft.

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