CPhI Worldwide announces members of its 2015 Expert Panel

CPhI Worldwide announces members of its 2015 Expert Panel


Pharma trends forecasters welcome three new members to the CPhI Expert Panel in 2015: Kurt Nielson (Catalent), Vivek Sharma (Piramal) and Alan Sheppard (IMS Health)


The CPhI Expert Panel members for 2015 are:

1.     Prabir Basu, President at Pharma Manufacturing

2.     Hendrik Baumann, CEO of Arevipharma

3.     Brian Carlin, Director Open Innovation at FMC

4.     Emil Ciurczak,President at Doramaxx Consulting

  1. Girish Malhotra, President & Founder, Epcot International
  2. Kurt Nielson, Vice President, US Development, Portfolio and Launch Management at Sandoz
  3. Hedley Rees, Managing Director at PharmaFlow Ltd

8.     Dilip G Shah,CEO of Vision Consulting Group and a regulatory expert

9.     Vivek Sharma,CEO of Piramal Critical Care & Pharma Solutions

10.  Alan Sheppard, Principal, Global Generics, Thought Leadership, IMS Health


15 May 2015:CPhI Worldwide, organised by UBM EMEA, announces its Expert Panel for CPhI Worldwide 2015 ahead of the eagerly anticipated annual report (3rd edition) – to be released September and October 2015, in three parts. The report presents a holistic overview of pharmaceuticals with key industry leaders providing expertise across the entire pharma supply chain.

This year, the CPhI annual report will see the return of seven industry thought leaders from 2014, along with three new valuable additions; Vivek Sharma, Alan Sheppard and Kurt Nielson of Piramal, IMS Health and Sandoz respectively. 

Vivek Sharma, CEO of Piramal Critical Care & Pharma Solutions replaces his colleague Vijay Shah to provide insights from one of the most innovative companies within the sector. Alan Sheppard, Principal of Global Generics & Thought Leadership at IMS Health will be giving an overview of the huge global growth of generics and examining its impact over the next 5-10 years.

There is a significant shift occurring in the dynamics of drugs consumption and expenditure globally, which is having consequences not only for generic manufacturers but also in the development of new drugs. For example, Kurt Nielsen, Vice President of US Development, Portfolio and Launch Management at Sandoz, will share his invaluable insights on how to optimise development programmes and new bring new drugs to market faster.

"CPhI's expert panel provides leading expertise on all aspects of pharmaceuticals from different global perspectives. The 2014 report examined major issues and developments across the industry including regulatory challenges from a globalised industry to cost savings through manufacturing process, QbD and PAT.
This year's annual report will continue to expand the scope of reputable insights across the pharma industry, looking to analyse future trends, regulatory risks and supply chain issues. The new additions to the 2015 panel increase our breadth of expertise across the pharma industry even further, and keep our annual report analysis at the forefront of the pharma news agenda." Chris Kilbee, Group Director Pharma at UBM EMEA.
Returning members

Brian Carlin, Director Open Innovation at FMC, returns to the expert panel for the 3rd consecutive year - he is also the chair of the IPEC Americas Excipient Qbd Committee and the recipient of the IPEC One World Regulatory Excellence Award in 2014.

Girish Malhotra (President and Founder of Epcot International) and Hendrik Baumann (CEO of Arevipharma) will again leverage their expertise across manufacturing efficiencies and APIs, with Baumann focusing more on the international market from a European standpoint.

Across supply chain issues, the panel will utilise the knowledge of Hedley Rees (Managing Director at PharmaFlow Ltd) and Emil Ciurczak (previously a member of the FDA's PAT committee and president of Doramaxx Consulting) will focus on PAT, QbD and spectroscopy.

Global regulatory expert and voice of Indian pharma, Dilip Shah (CEO of Vision Consulting Group) also returns to discuss the response of Indian companies to global regulatory standards, with Prabir Basu (President at Pharma Manufacturing - formerly of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education (NIPTE)) focusing on the industry's approach to innovation.

More information on the CPhI 2015 Expert Panel will be available on the CPhI Worldwide website shortly or please contact CPhI's Community Manager at [email protected]


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