Copper, silver ready to assist antibiotics; Florida begins plan to shed pill mill rep;

> Copper and silver are making a comeback as germ-fighting agents. Story

> Health and law enforcement officials in Florida are visiting healthcare facilities to ensure compliance with new legislation intended to overcome the state's oxycodone pill mill status by banning doctors from dispensing controlled substances except under specific circumstances. Item

> The FDA has approved the formulation for the 2011-2012 influenza vaccine to be used by the 6 manufacturers licensed for U.S. production and distribution. Report

> Teva will close a Montreal plant acquired from its acquisition of Ratiopharm last year, imperiling 340 jobs. Story

> The African National Congress party wants South Africa to establish a state-owned pharmaceuticals company. Article

> Metal packaging supplier Anomatic will open a 65,000 square-foot anodizing production facility in New Albany, OH. Release

> Lonza will produce the experimental inflammation-fighting drug Bertilimumab for Immune Pharmaceutical. Item

> While expressing support for FDA initiatives, the American Pharmacists Association said it's "interested" in how the implementation of track-and-trace standards could affect the pharmacy practice. Item