CMO to scale up bio anti-cancer drug

Amsterdam-based SynCo Bio Partners has expanded its reach to Japan, where it will manufacture a live biotherapeutic for an emerging Japanese pharmaceutical company.

The contract manufacturer will first consultant with the unnamed drug maker on in-house process development. The developed process will then be transferred to SynCo's Amsterdam facility and scaled-up, prior to GMP manufacturing of a live, biotherapeutic-based anticancer drug for Phase I clinical trials. The scale-up effort will include fermentation, formulation and aseptic filling.

SynCo announced a month ago a deal to produce Versartis's lead candidate, a GLP-1 analog for monthly dosing to treat type 2 diabetes. As with the Japanese deal, the CMO is further developing the existing production process. It is also optimizing the manufacturing process to increase yields for cGMP production.

- here's the SynCo release