Claris antibiotics recalled due to mold contamination

Another day, another recall: India-based Claris Lifesciences is recalling "to the user level" antibiotic and anti-nausea drugs following reports of floating matter in IV bags. The recalls follow by just a holiday weekend those of Blacksmith Brands' children's medications, deemed guilty by association for being made by McNeil at its plant in Fort Washington, PA--ground zero for the recent Children's Tylenol recalls.

Antibiotics metronidazole and ciprofloxacin, and anti-nausea drug ondansetron, are the recalled Claris drugs. The sterile injectables originated at the same Ahmedabad facility (one of the company's five manufacturing sites in the city) and on the same manufacturing line. One Claris customer reported white matter in a bag of metronidazole, which was identified as Cladosporium mold, according to a press report.

The drug recalls also affect Pfizer, Sagent Pharmaceuticals, BioSyent, and West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, which sell the drugs.

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