Chinese drugmakers turn up heat on India

Indian drugmakers are feeling the competitive heat from China. So are Indian power equipment and car parts makers, as well as computer hardware manufacturers.

A World Bank ranking of nations on the basis of trade friendliness places China in the 50th spot, well ahead of India at No. 100. India's ranking appears to be caused by in part by documentation shortcomings, as well as lack of time and effort spent on export/imports, says international trade expert Ritesh Singh in the The Hindu Business Line.

"Indian businesses feel threatened by cheap import of manufactured goods from China," he writes.

There are some more down-to-earth reasons for China's higher "friendliness" rating than India's that may have a familiar ring: low real wages, absence of industrial disputes and lockouts, government subsidies, availability of government-acquired land, cheap power and more lenient environmental standards, the editorial says.

The combination has made China a major global exporter. Drugs are included in the 10% of merchandise that China exports worldwide, Singh says.

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