Cellexus joins disposables fray

Users of disposable bioprocessing technology continue to enjoy a growing diversity of products and suppliers. Most recent is Cellmaker Plus, a single-use bioreactor system for growing such cells as E.coli, pichia, algae and bacteriophage, in addition to mammalian and insect cells. Available capacities will be eight and 50 liters.

The system, made by UK-based Cellexus, incorporates a proprietary airlift technology that mixes, aerates and maintains cell suspension, the company says, eliminating the need for shakers, rockers, rollers or environmental chambers. A controller allows for management of temperature as well as the flow and mix of sparge gas. It also provides the monitoring and control of pH and dissolved oxygen.

Last month, Pall and New Brunswick teamed the former's single-use biocontainer with the latter's controller system, as reported. And disposables-maker Sartorius Stedim Biotech renewed its relationship with ATMI for its Magnetic Mixer and LevMixer systems.

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