Cargo thieves target terminals

Three incidents involving pharmaceutical products mar the November Freightwatch International cargo theft report. Among the 64 cases (reported across all industries) were hijackings of H1N1 vaccine, OTC medications and infant formula, reports Secure Pharma Chain.

Nearly half of the 64 thefts took place in terminal or carrier lots, while about 20 percent of loads were lost in truck stops--typically the more popular venue. Freightwatch says that's to be expected, given its findings of greater organization among cargo thieves and their targeting of specific products.

Freightwatch announced earlier this year that pharmaceutical full truckload thefts were down nearly 50 percent in the first half of 2009 relative to 2008, thanks to drugmakers "hardening their supply chains and enacting more over-the-road security measures," according to its mid-year theft report.

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