Canadians get no heartburn relief from Novartis plant; Albemarle raises ibuprofen prices;

> The closing of the Novartis ($NVS) plant in Lincoln, NE, to address manufacturing problems is resulting in a shortage of the over-the-counter heartburn medication Maalox in Canada. Story

> Without giving an explanation, chemicalmaker Albemarle says it has increased by about 15% the price of all grades of ibuprofen, effective now or as its contracts allow. More

> Pharmaceutical compounder Franck's Pharmacy issued what it called an "urgent" recall of all of its sterile human and veterinary products made since November 2011, after an inspection by the FDA found fungal growth and micro-organisms in a supposedly sterile room. Release

> Sihuan Pharmaceutical says that its generic drug roxatidine acetate hydrochloride for injection has passed an registration inspection by the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration. Item

> The EPA is considering new rules that would require specific regulations on how healthcare facilities destroy pharamceutical waste rather than governing it under its universal waste regulations. Story