Bioprocess experience a plus in 2010 hiring

Experienced bioprocessing professionals will likely remain in demand this year, compensating for retirement of the Baby Boomers now holding senior positions. Manufacturing capacity expansion projects are also expected to continue, and bioprocess improvement efforts will target downstream-purification bottlenecks.

Market analyst BioPlan Associates makes these and other projections for 2010 in its 7th Annual Report and Survey of Biomanufacturing. The life sciences research concern says it expects recent trends to continue, but notes that "most companies are more confident, but also more realistic: 2010 will bring good results, but managers are expecting better performance from the same staff."

Cost-containment is expected to continue driving bioprocessing technologies. BioPlan says it expects "improved yields from upstream processing, and better expression systems, host cells and genetic-engineering technologies for large-scale manufacture." In addition, expect upstream expression yields to continue their increase, while downstream purification will continue to struggle.

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