Bioprocess budget hikes a sign of efficiency quest

Biopharma manufacturing budgets are up for 2012, with spending allocated to new technologies, capital equipment, and training--all in the name of improved productivity. That's the conclusion of BioPlan Associates after evaluating early returns to its 9th survey on the product needs, budget changes and capacity constraints of bioprocessing companies.

The research group reached conclusions also on bioprocess equipment, single-use technology products, downstream purification, quality management and hiring, GEN reports.

The top spending categories identified in the survey are new technology, capital equipment, process development and optimization, and personnel training and development, according to the report.

Survey respondents project a 6% budget jump for new capital equipment versus 2011, which itself experienced a nearly 7% jump from 2009, GEN adds. The researchers said the current budget hike, after three years of investment, likely represents the pursuit of more efficient facilities rather than latent demand.

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