Baxter faces land contamination suit in PR

A family that leased land for 18 years to drug- and devicemaker Baxter International near a Puerto Rican facility is now suing the company for $50 million, alleging the land is contaminated.

The Serracante family accuses Baxter of discharging wastewater contaminated with ethyl acetate, toluene and Cobalt-60 on the 12-acre site, which was intended for warehousing, AP reports. The wastewater allegedly originated at a chemical lab in Baxter's Aibonito manufacturing plant, where the company makes tubing and connectors.

Baxter denies and wrongdoing and suggests the allegations may stem from a contract dispute. Spokeswoman Deborah Spak explains Baxter used the property for storing raw materials and finished products, as well as for parking, according to the report.

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